Young Muslims #FeedTheirLegacy Campaign

“The legacies that Deah, Yusor and Razan left behind through their endless kindness and generosity will not be forgotten. It is up to the rest of us to continue on in their honor with the work that they started. Our world needs to change, and eventually it will.”
-Jennifer Barnes, Editor-in-Chief of Athens Oracle

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We invite you and your YM/youth group to participate in this effort: #FeedTheirLegacy

STEP 1: Develop a plan with your NeighborNet/youth group. You have one month to plan out as many charity efforts as you would like.

STEP 2: Remember to contact your local food shelters / organizations prior to visiting. Many require appointments and have schedules set up. You are NOT and should NOT be limited to Muslim run organizations. Contact if you or your youth group is in need of support.

STEP 3: Don’t stop with just one act of charity! You have four whole weeks. Make the best use of them! You’ll never forget this experience.

STEP 4: Remember to stay sincere in your efforts. May Allah accept all of the effort you put in!

*Note: Candid videos may be sent to as we will be recapping our efforts one month from now insha’Allah, as a means of inspiration and motivation.

“We have a window of opportunity now to educate people about who these three young people were and what they were committed to in their lives: feeding and medically serving the homeless, helping refugees, displaying the best neighborly qualities, and most of all living a true and accurate life of devotion, prayer, and charity. Sincerely, with tears and condolences, Hamza Yusuf.” - Hamza Yusuf, President of Zaytuna College

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