What is YM about?

In simple terms, YM is an Islamic movement that is about supporting and developing the Muslim youth to become productive members of society. It is about being accepted for who you are and finding a group of friends with whom you struggle with for the Sake of Allah together. 

What makes YM different from a regular youth group?

  • YM is a national organization which means there are NeighborNets across the nation and all are connected.

  • NeighborNets get regional and national support and are part of a larger structure. Running a NeighborNet/youth group is not easy and YM National gives you the guidance and support you need.

  • Sisters from a specific area are connected to each other through the NeighborNet but then they are also connected to other sisters living across the nation because of the connection with YM. Because of that, sisters do not feel as alone and they know that there are others just like them out there going through similar struggles.

  • Not only do they know that there are others like them out there, but they have the opportunity to connect with them because of YM.

  • YM creates a whole support system where even if a YM sister from New York is having an issue, she will reach out to another YM sister in California without hesitation. You don’t find that in other youth groups.

  • YM also emphasizes the importance of implementing what one learns. The youth do not just come to the halaqa and leave with something they’ve learned. Rather they take what they have learned and apply it to their lives and their community either through outreach work, fundraisers, or volunteering.

How can I become a “member”?

Just start coming to YM NeighborNet! Contact us at contact@ymsisters.com to find one near you or to help start one up.

What happens at YM? What else happens at a weekly meeting?

The most basic part of YM is the NeighborNet. NeighborNet is our term for “unit” or “chapter”. This is a halaqah type gathering where sisters meet up and talk about their problems, find answers through Islam, generally learn about Islam, and enjoy a Muslim atmosphere. Sisters from a NeighborNet go out for outings, have chill sessions, and participate in volunteer opportunities to help serve not just the Ummah, but the world.

Is YM Co-ed? How can brothers join? What if there are brothers in our existing youth group?

Young Muslims has a securely organized structure. It consists of a Brothers and Sisters wing. Each of these wings function independently of each other. At the local level our gatherings are not mixed. However, we do strive to have coordination and cooperation between YM Brothers and YM Sisters at various levels of leadership (national, regional, Sub-Regional-city/state/province). YM Brothers will help those brothers start a YMB Neighbornet. 

Why does YM need donations?

You are investing in the youth. Your money will be used for a YM initiative and you will be rewarded for every young person brought onto the right path as a result. You will be rewarded for every good deed that young individual does for the rest of her life because she was brought onto the right path as a result of the initiative you financially supported.

  • Those very dollars you hand to YM can take you straight to Jannah as a means of Sadaqah e Jariyah

  • For every dollar donated, imagine the reward in Jannah.

"The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed [of grain] which grows seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies [His reward] for whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing. [2:261]

  • No donations means no money for fun YM events which means the youth will have more time for bad influences to creep in

How can I start a NeighborNet?

Shoot an e-mail to contact@ymsisters.com to get you started. The first step is gather 2-3 girls that are dedicated and devoted to starting a NeighborNet up and start hosting weekly halaqahs.

How many people are needed to start a YM Neighbornet?

All it takes is 3 dedicated sisters who agree with the goals and methodology of Young Muslims. Reach out to contact@ymsisters.com so that YM is aware and so that a representative from YM National can connect with you to assist.

So what happens once we have 3 people who agree?

Once you reach out to YM National, we provide the group with the necessary tools to get started. We usually send someone to meet the new group in person. That YM representative usually helps to evaluate the situation and gives her advice on what should be done next. We provide a starter kit (How Tos, charter and by laws, halaqah ideas, activity ideas, etc.) so the new group can become acquainted with how we work.

Does a YM NeigborNet have to be affiliated with a masjid?

Not necessarily. There are YM NeighborNets which are the official youth groups of their local masaajid but this is not a requirement to join. Meetings do not even have to necessarily take place in a Masjid. Whatever location best suits the growth and development of the Neighbornet should be chosen. Whether that is in the park, someone’s home, or the masjid is totally up to the group.

How about selecting a coordinator?

We have standardized our election timings to take place once a year but when a new group starts we usually take the time to understand the group before conducting elections. The process is shared once the process of starting a new NeighborNet is intiatied. 

Are there any membership fees?

No, but some NeighborNets might have small monthly dues just so they have the means to keep the NeighborNet running.

Is there a syllabus? Where does halaqah material come from?

There is no syllabus, but YM has developed a halaqah bank for its members. The bank is full of different halaqah ideas paired with notes and activity ideas as well. All resources in the bank are cross checked for authenticity. Every NeighborNet’s members have different needs. It is the coordinators responsibility to make sure that these needs are met.

What is the actual age range of YM Sisters?

Ages 13-25. This is to maintain a level of comfort and “chillness” within the organization. We want all YM sisters to feel comfortable with each other and that would not happen between a 13 year old and a 35 year old. 

What happens after I turn 25? What comes after YM?

YM is an organization under the umbrella organization, Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). After YM, you could transition into ICNA Sisters Wing or join other ICNA initiatives.

Does marriage disqualify me from YM?

No, not at all. Many YM sisters are married and are still incredibly dedicated to the organization.

Is there YM outside of the USA?

We only operate within the U.S.A.