Happy World Hijab Day from YM Sisters

Happy World Hijab day! 

There's two things to keep in mind:

1) Your choice to wear hijab should come from you and your desire to please Allah. As a hijabi, especially in today's society, you're going to doubt your decision, but if you have a sincere love for hijab in your heart, it's going to make your difficulties a lot easier.

2) You have to remember that nobody is perfect. A lot of people think i'm going to perfect this aspect of my deen or this aspect before I start my hijab, but the reality is that as hijabis, we're trying to perfect our deen as well, so you shouldn't let that stop you from making that change.

In the end, just put your trust in Allah and Allah will help you with anything you're going through.

YM Murphy World Hijab Day 2016

Check out the video that YM Murphy sisters worked to create in celebration of World Hijab Day.Please like and share!#coveredandclassy #myhijabmycrown #ymmurphysisters #youngmuslims #ym www.ymsisters.comwww.worldhijabday.com

Posted by YM Murphy Sisters on Sunday, February 7, 2016
YM Muprhy behind the scenes of world hijab day video

YM Muprhy behind the scenes of world hijab day video

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