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Sisterhood is empowering, and empowered women are superwomen. YM is all about sisterhood; we strive to create a safe space for all of us girls to share our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Unity is something emphasized in Islam as well.

The Prophet ﷺ said, “A believer is a mirror to another believer,” (narrated by Abu Hurayrah).

A few years ago, several devoted Islamic workers took a hard look at Islamic work in North America and saw that one huge bulk of the Muslim population was being lost in the shuffle: the youth. Those who themselves must carry the torch of Islam one day were feeling little or none of it in their hearts.

And so, Young Muslims was born. Young Muslims is the youth division of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and was established specifically to address and solve this problem. YM’s purpose is to seek the pleasure of Allah ﷻ through educating and developing the youth in order to foster in them the desire to live their lives for the sake of Allah and to change the lives of others around them to have that same desire.

The most important part of YM is the NeighborNet—we call it a NeighborNet because essentially it’s a network of neighbors. This is a halaqah type gathering where sisters meet up and talk about their problems, find answers through Islam, and enjoy a Muslim atmosphere. Each NeighborNet is a dynamic youth group which attempts to build a solid understanding of the principles of Islam amongst its members by helping them put these principles into practice. By providing the youth with an Islamic atmosphere where they can form bonds of sisterhood with their peers, they become comfortable with Islam and its teachings. With each other, YM members work together to make an impact in their communities when the local masjid, shelter, or fundraising to help another country. In YM, there is a balance between knowledge, activism, and fun.



"YM makes me feel like I am doing something for my community, that I am doing something in this world for Allah's sake. We are ambassadors of this deed, and unless we do something, nothing will happen. We have the ability to make a difference, and I choose to make that difference through YM." 

YM Member


"YM has helped me find fulfillment in something that is so much greater than this world." 

YM Member


"YM brings the youth to His sacred house and we learn and pray tother. We're weak together, we  repent together, and with the grace of Allah, we evolve together. We evolve from those people who have nothing in their hearts to people with love in their hearts." 

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